Again 6 categories at this year’s edition

Similarly to last year’s edition, the organizer again decided this year, due to very large number of entries and with the goal to balance age groups, to add another age category. One more category causes additional costs, because organizer has to provide another set of prizes, cups, diplomas and of course, cash prizes which are pretty reach on this festival.

In accordance with the original arrangement there should be 20 singers in group S and 21 singers in group M, while only 8 (XXS), 7 (XS) and 11 (L) in other groups.


In order to enable all participants to have equal opportunities as much as possible, the organizer decided to form age categories the following way:


  • XXS – 8 years and younger
  • XS – 9 and 10 years
  • S – 11 and 12 years
  • M – 13 and 14 years
  • L – 15, 16 and 17 years
  • XL – 18 to 40 years old 


This way conditions are in better for all three groups S, M in L while there is no change for other groups.


BGM 2015 age groups


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