BGM 2016 seems to be a record achievement

The third international singing contest Bled golden microphone 2016 which will happen from 20th to 23rd july on Bled seems to be a record achievement in many fields

Bled Golden Microphone 2016 will host a record number of participants so far: 76 participants from 17 different countries.


It seems that the third edition of international singing contest Bled Golden Microphone will be a real treat for all friends of high level singing because we will have a privilege to listen to a record number of excellent singers between the age of 7 and 39 years. 76 singers from 17 countries applied for this year’s festival: Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Republica Moldova, Kosovo, Malta, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, it is the first time we have the honour to greet our guests from Austria, Montenegro, Porugal and Spain. After one year break Italy is back to Bled again. Seven great singers are participating this time and they are all led by music producer, excellent vocal coach, maestro Rocco Palazzo, the owner and the director of a publishing house Roxyl music and beside all these he is also a great clarinet player.

Slovenia will also be represented by the highest number of singers so far. We will be able to hear 35 singers, some of them already established in public. The most known is the finalist of the TV show Slovenia’s got talent from 2013, contra tenorist Žiga Lakner, who is aiming high.

From other countries we will hear Ivana Dimkovski from Serbia, she was finalist of TV show Pink stars, there will also be finalists of TV show RTL zvijezdice: Sara Andrić, Rok Blažević and especially talented 10 years old Emma Uvalić. Maša Vujanović presented her country Montenegro for Junior Eurovision 2014, from Bulgaria is comming 12 years old Simona Krushteva, she was semifinalist at their competition for Junior Eurovision 2016.


President of international jury that will be evaluating the contestants is mister Toni Aleksovski, proffesional musician and director of international singing contest Tralala in Macedonia. Seventeenth version of this contest will happen from 9th to 14th August and Slovenia, with the biggest delegation so far, will also be a part of it. From Slovenia is comming 16 years old Ana Skumvač, last year’s winner of Bled Golden Microphone 2015 in M category and this year’s winner of Europop festival in Hungary in yunior category of musical. There will also sing 15 years old Aleksandra Vovk, last year’s winner of festival Tralala in category from 13 to 16 years and »owner« of numerous victories and the highest places in many international festivals. She is also a winner of »Voices of the Youth 2015«, music festival with the longest traditon in Slovenia.

For the first time a representative of Serbia will be a part of international jury. Serbia will be represented by Nemanja Mihajlović, member of production team of TV show Pink stars. Vicepresident of international jury will be a representative of Slovenia – Tomaž Krt, academic musician, former singer of the group Tangels, currently a member of vocal group Kvatropirci, which has very successfully performed at this year’s festival »Melodije morja in sonca«.

Portugal and Spain, they both are participating at Bled Golden festival for the first time, will be represented by Nino Figuera, director of international singing festival Cancao D’Estrella in Portugal and Sabrina Lemus, excellent soprano and musicial teacher.

Other members of international jury who will be in charge fort his importantn work are:

  • excellent vocal coach Dubravka Pleško from Split (Croatia),
  • Rossi Yordannova from Bulgaria,
  • maestro Rocco Palazzo from Italy,
  • dr. Rodica Rosioru from Moldova,
  • singer and successful vocal coach from Malta, Kaya Priscilla Psaila Giordano.


Contest itself will take place in two rounds of performances from 21st to 22nd July. Younger half of categories will begin at 16:00, the older half of categories at 20:00. Performances of very successful Slovenian dancing school Bolero will make the competition more interesting. 

Official presenter of Bled Golden Microphone 2016 will be the young student of Slovenian Studies and Comperative Literature and Literary Theory, handsome Anamarija Krajšek from Jesenice.

At official opening and Grand concert at platform in the front of main entrance to the Festival Hall, sports commentator and presenter, Niko Rakovec, will join her at the stage.


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