Bled Golden Microphone 2015 Audition

Bled, 19. 6. 2015


Names of the singers who will represent Slovenia on
the 2nd edition of the international singing festival


On the Saturday, 20th of June, there was an audition for Slovenian singers, who wanted to take place in the 2nd edition of international singing festival for children, teens, youth and adults, BLED GOLDEN MICROPHONE. It took place in Infocenter Triglavska roža Bled.

In front of the jury composed of experts from the field of singing:

  • Tomaž Krt, ex-singer of the popular Slovenian group Tangels, momentarily singing in vocal group Kvatropirci, and student of music academy Ljubljana,
  • Barbara Kos, singer and vocal teacher, and
  • Sandi Vovk, head manager of Music studio Osminka and director of the Bled Golden Microphone festival, also professional musician, pianist, singer, piano teacher and vocal coach,

singers from the majority of Slovenian regions were present. The highest number of singers came from Gorenjska region.

Candidates had to sing live on microphone with instrumental musical accompaniment. Each singer had to present 3 songs. Since there were many excellent singers among the applicants, from the youngest children to adults, jury had a very difficult job, as due to the large number of entries from abroad, who are coming from 14 countries, there was limited number of only 15 Slovenian representatives who could be accepted.

Due to the extremely equal level of some candidates, jury decided to include 17 Slovenian representatives, on the basis of agreement with festival director.

Intersting thing is that the audition was held in public. Many visitors – there were a lot of foreign tourists who came in Infocenter for information – were impressed by singing of the candidates.


The following singers will represent Slovenia in Bled, from the 15th till the 18th July (from the youngest to adults):

  • Nina Dovžan, Mojstrana
  • Zoja Šporn, Blejska Dobrava
  • Kristina Čok, Škofije
  • Janja Jesenko, Radovljica
  • Nika Razinger, Hrušica
  • Tea Kavčič, Lancovo
  • Maggie Lipovec, Preserje (Kamnik pod Krimom)
  • Morena Olić, Brežice
  • Pia Kavčič, Lancovo
  • Neža Čadež, Tržič
  • Ana Skumvač, Zgornje Gorje
  • Tina Vinter, Oplotnica
  • Martina Olić, Brežice
  • Tjaša Fajdiga, Vipava
  • Neža Witwicky, Dovje
  • Sergej Rupreht, Maribor
  • Petra Turk Rupreht, Maribor


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