Jury and evaluation

Participants will be evaluated in two rounds of contest by the international jury. To ensure honest and fair voting, members of jury will be seated separately and no collusion concerning voting will be allowed during competition.

Canidates will be evaluated in the following fields:

  • pitch and tone quality,
  • voice projection, rhythm and phrasing, diction, articulation,
  • appropriate choice of songs concerning age,
  • voice range and technical complexity,
  • presentation and stage performance,
  • choreography and moving,
  • costumography, facial expression and general persuasiveness.

After finished performances of each category all singers will be invited to stage. When certain name of contestant is announced, members of jury will write down points for each contestant to the voting sheets. Every member of jury can evaluate each performance with minimum 60 and maximum 100 points, with smallest step=1(for example 78, 85, 90, 66, 95…).

To prevent unfair voting, the lowest and the highest mark of each round will be excluded from total sum. Final score will be the sum of points from both competition rounds.


Bled Golden Microphone 2015 International Jury

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