Main goals

The main goal of the festival is to give talented singers, from various countries of wide age response, opportunity meet with their friends of same interests and to compare, exchange their knowledge, skills, experiences and ideas.  One of the most important purposes is creating new friendships, learning foreign languages and culture of other nations. It is opportunity to join this international meeting of vocal coaches, composers, music recording industry representatives and executives, producers, songwriters, outstanding young performers and growing stars.

Very important purpose of the festival is to attract public attention to the best international young aspiring singers, to offer them bigger support and help them in developing their talent.

During the festival participants meet people from other countries and enjoy in Bled, one of the most beautiful places in the world with its lake, castle and many other interesting attractions.

Bled Golden Microphone’s aim for the future is to develop into one of the most famous events of this kind in Europe.

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