Missing photos for 2nd round of “S” category

Photos of some singers from 2nd round of competition for »S« category were missing in published galleries and thanks to attentive parents we found and eliminate the mistake.


Photos from 2nd round of competition of S category for the following singers were missing:

  • Teodora Živković (Serbia),
  • Anhelica Pace (Malta),
  • Kristina Čok (Slovenia),
  • Gergana Todorova (Bulgaria),
  • Lorena Bućan (Croatia),
  • Isabela Andrea Pamparau (Romania),
  • Wiktoria Tracz (Poland),
  • Anastasja Radovanović (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and
  • 3 group photos.


All these photos, togeher 96 were now added to demo galleries. The name of the gallery is »2015: 2nd Round – S – missing , 17th of July«.


We deeply apologize to the singers whose photos were missing. If you find or see some other error or mistake, we would appreciate very much, if you inform us.



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