Participants of the 6th Bled Golden Microphone

We present the singers who will compete in two rounds of competition

for rich awards, of this year’s, 6th in a row, Bled Golden Microphone

international singers contest.

Within the deadline, 63 singers from 7 countries applied. One singer canceled the participation in the last moment, two singers will not be able to arrive to Bled, due to problems with obtaining  visa.

On the basis of 60 valid applications, with the goal to create as equivalent and balanced groups as possible, singers were divided into 5 age categories as follows:

  • Category XXS – 8 years and younger: 9 singers
  • Category XS – 9 and 10 years (not yet 11): 13 singers
  • Category S – 11 and 12 years old (not yet 13): 13 singers
  • Category M – 13, 14 and 15 years old (not yet 16): 16 singers
  • Category L – 16 years and older (not yet 40): 9 singers


As special guests will perform: both Grand Prix winners of the last year’s edition, overall winner – Daria Pintilie from Romania, Junior Grand Prix winner – Ana Grdadolnik from Slovenia and Christina Magrin from Malta, overall winner of the Bled Golden Microphone 2017.

All three special guests will participate also in children Jury, which will this year for the first time evaluate paricipating singers.



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