Regulations and who can participate


International Singers Contest is a competition of singers from youngest children, teens, youth and adults under 40 years of age which will take place in two days and two rounds of performances.

Participants are divided into five age groups – categories:

  • Category »XXS« – singers of 8 years and younger who have not reached 9 years
  • Category »XS« – singers of 9 and 10 years, who have not reached 11 years
  • Category »S« – singers of 11, 12 and 13 years, who have not reached 14 years
  • Category »M« – singers of 14 to 17 years,  who have not reached 18 years
  • Category »L« – singers of 18 years and older, who have not reached 40 years

Age of the contestant on 18th July 2019, first day of the contest, determines his age category for competition.


Singers from youngest children to adults of age under 40 years can participate on BGM festival.

Entry to the festival Bled Golden Microphone will be accepted from candidates who:

  • received an official invitations from the organiser on other similar international festivals
  • received official invitation on the basis of sent audio and video materials
  • who successfully passes the auditions for the festival (valid for Slovenia and closest countries!)

Organiser reserves the right to refuse candidates, who don’t meet the festival criteria in artistic, substantive, logistic or any other way, without any explanation.


Contestants perform in two rounds of competition with two songs of a different character, without any genre limits. Every round of competition is on its own day. The voice/vocal must be performed live on an instrumental accompaniment with music and backing vocals. Voice of performed singer must not be heard from the accompaniment.

For age groups »S«, »M« and »L« songs must be performed in two different languages (mandatory).

For groups »XXS« and »XS«, performing in different languages is not mandatory.

Duration of each song should not exceed (tolerance is 10 seconds):

     Opening concert (all categories) – 2:30 minutes

  1. for categories XXS, XS and S – 3:30 minutes
  2. for categories M and L – 4:00 minutes


Entries will be accepted only on a fully-filled festival entry forms.

Leaders of delegations are responsible for life and health of the participants during their performances on stage and their residence in Bled.

Every person must have valid international health insurance during stay in Slovenia.

Organizer reserves rights to decide, in cooperation with jury, which participants will take part in the Gala concert and which part of the programme they will perform with.

The participant with signing an entry form authorizes organiser, Glasbeni studio – Music studio Osminka, for the rights on audio and video recordings and usage and distribution of the materials, taken on rehearsals, opening, competitions and gala concert for the aims of the festival, without paying any copyrights compensations.

The artistic and business contacts in Slovenia during the festival are conducted exclusively by representatives of Glasbeni studio Osminka (Music studio Osminka).

The organizer is not responsible for failures of third parties.

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