The youngest participants were two, only 3 years old girls

Ada Tracz (Poland) and Mia Domjančić (Croatia) – real little sensations of this years BGM

Two biggest winners of this year’s Bled Golden Microphone 2015 are definitely the youngest participants, Ada Tracz from Poland, who fulfilled 3 years of age in June and Mia Domjančić, also 3 years old little girl from Croatia. For their courage and performances shown in Bled, they deserved greatest admiration and really biggest round of applause. They were simply THE BEST.

Jury accepted a very wise decision and they didn’t evaluate little stars together with other, 3 – 5 years older kids from category XXS, because difference at that age is simply too big that such a comparison would have any sense, regarding competition.

Both little princesses were awarded nice trophies for their early participation and successful performances in such a big festival.

Ada Tracz

Mia Domjančić


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